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Through a well-rounded education, we transform today’s scholars into tomorrow’s global visionaries.
AMS strives to offer a STEM-based curriculum paired with creative art and music classes that not only help students in their academic development and achievements, but also provides academic and extracurricular variety for all interests. As parents and educators, we understand the challenges families are faced with today, we all want the best opportunities for our children, and that is why AMS goes beyond our classrooms and offers programs and fun for entire families. As a collective group we are very passionate about building a community within the communities we serve. 

Campus News

Nighthawks are incredible birds with a FIERCE, resilient nature. Featured Photo

Nighthawks are incredible birds with a FIERCE, resilient nature.

This week we are wrapping up testing. The testing is meant to provide an understanding of how scholars are progressing on their educational journey. Teachers use the data collected to redesign lessons, motivate student growth, and collaborate with other educators on best practices. If you ever have any questions regarding lessons, testing, or scholar learning please contact your scholar’s teacher via Dojo or Ms. Hewson, Assistant Principal of Academics.
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AMSG #1 school in Glendale for three years Featured Photo

AMSG #1 school in Glendale for three years

Arizona has released its annual School Report Cards, and we are EXCITED and THRILLED to share that AMSG received the rigorous grade of a B. AMSG has demonstrated that by focusing on scholar’s academic growth we can be high performing and guide students to proficiency at a higher rate than the state average. This INCREDIBLE grade has kept AMSG as the #1 school in Glendale for three years and is rooted in your dedication to your scholar’s educational journey through attendance, parent/teacher communication, and having honest conversations with your scholar on serious test taking. We appreciate how much you are pouring into your scholar and thank you for entrusting us with your scholar’s educational journey as we transition leaders.
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Parent teacher conferences coming in October! Featured Photo

Parent teacher conferences coming in October!

Save the date as we have parent teacher conferences coming in October! October 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th scholars get out of school at 1pm for teachers to have the afternoons for PTC. Our late night for PTC’s will be October 5th from 2-6:30pm as we will be having an open house style student led conferences. This means you will need to bring your scholar with you to the conference and plan to be in their classroom for your scholar to display their data with academic successes and growth opportunities for about 15-20 minutes
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