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Featured Nighthawks

👨👩🏫 Featured Teacher

Featured Teacher

Tony Lindsay

"I chose to become a teacher because I love working with kids, motivating & encouraging students to grow educationally, while using lifelong skills that will help them exceed past educational limitations and barriers and exceed in life. Also one of my goals as a teacher is to help my students know and understand that school can be very enjoyable and fun even through professional structure and daily learning."

👧👦🎓 Featured Student

Featured Student

Christian, Kindergarten Student

When asked what makes a student at AMSG a truly FIERCE Nighthawk, Christian agrees that you need to be smart and do what you need to do and follow rules. He also mentioned FIERCE students learn their SIGHT WORDS, and play nice.

⭐ Featured Volunteer

Volunteer Hands

Anthony Gonzalez

“I have always had a big love for children. I wanted to start helping at AMSG to be more involved and because it's a new school. But I wasn't sure how to offer support, until my daughter came home upset because she thought they weren't going to have a girls basketball team. Right there, I knew it was my chance to make a difference. I take real joy in helping kids learn and grow. To see the looks on their faces once I teach them something, and they conduct it on their own is priceless. I have a great group of girls that really listen. It also shows as we have started the season undefeated! So this is why I volunteer, to see the looks of joy and excitement on their faces. I hope even after the season ends, I can still make an impact to all in some way and volunteer in other areas.”